Children’s Runs On Paw Power

All dogs are special, but at Children’s we have a furry fleet of 14 specially trained pups that truly go above and beyond to be a friend—and more—to those in need. They inspire confidence and instill strength. They provide comfort and companionship, and they bring out joy even in challenging situations.

As one of the only programs at Children’s that is 100% donor-funded, we rely on generous donors like you to help keep our dogs in tip-top shape.

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While most dogs are finding a spot of shade to nap the day away or jumping in their favorite swimming hole, our therapy dogs are on duty, visiting more than 300 patients each day.

Home for Christmas—with a Little Help from Casper

Sometimes the best medicine doesn’t involve a prescription or an operation. A cold nose, a warm heart and a wagging tail can work wonders, especially for kids. And one expert in this medical specialty is a golden retriever named Casper.

Casper is one of our pet therapy animals. These animal  therapists can lower kids’ stress and even help relieve pain. But what our young patients see is much simpler—a furry friend that provides unconditional love.

That’s what happened with 3-year-old Emmy from Woodstock, Ga. after her surgery at Children’s. Casper cuddled with Emmy every day as she recovered, and even helped her get home in time for Christmas. She needed to walk before she could be discharged, but pain kept her from trying until Casper worked his magic. Emmy held his leash as she took a few slow steps and then took off down the hall with Casper by her side.

“I don’t believe Emmy would have been able to walk that day without Casper,” says Emmy’s mom.