Through Their Eyes: Children’s Patients Share Life in the Hospital Through Photography

While other kids spent their fall breaks at tailgates and sleepovers, our patients were waiting on transplants, overcoming broken bones and undergoing surgeries. It’s difficult to imagine the hardships these kids endure during their hospital stays, yet they still seem to find a silver lining.

Through a special collaboration with Kodak Photo Plus, we provided cameras to some of our patients and asked them to show us how they find wonder wherever they are, even in the toughest of circumstances.

From delicious snacks in the cafeteria, to their favorite nurses, to the end-of-treatment bell—our patients captured the unique things that help them feel better, give them courage and bring them joy while they are in the hospital.

Ariel, 19, sickle cell disease 


In her favorite photo, Ariel poses with her nurse practitioner, who has been treating her since she was only 3 years old. “I took my favorite picture with Andrea Nowlin because she is one of the sweetest people I have met at Children’s,” Ariel said.

Owen, 5, neuroblastoma


Owen took his favorite photo with one of his newest friends. “It is one of my new stuffed animals, and it makes me happy,” Owen said.

Jailene, 14, eosinophilic pneumonia


The model in Jailene’s favorite photo is her no. 1 superhero, her mom. “My mom encourages me because she is really strong,” Jailene said.

Graci, 15, complex heart conditions


Graci took her favorite picture with two people who mean a whole lot to her. “This is my favorite nurse and my heart surgeon,” Graci said. “They have taken good care of me. I love Danielle and Dr. Kanter.”

Aniyah, 10, hypoplastic left heart syndrome


Aniyah’s favorite picture features the woman who gives her courage. “My favorite photo is of me and my mom,” Aniyah said. “I love her so much.”

Gabby, 9, cystic fibrosis


Magic the Unicorn is the star of Gabby’s favorite photo. “My sister gave her to me,” Gabby said. “When I am upset, she helps me calm down.”

Hayleigh, 17, heart transplant recipient 


Hayleigh’s favorite picture shows her Beads of Courage, which are a tangible representation of the tests, procedures and treatments this heart warrior has conquered. “I love my beads because they show what I have been through—the obstacles I have overcome,” Hayleigh said.

Zackery, 18, Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center


Zackery’s favorite photo features something that brings him hope—the bell that our patients ring to celebrate completing cancer treatment. “This picture inspires me every day to keep going,” Zackery said. “It reminds me that there is an end in sight.”