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Multi-center Study on Chronic Ventricular Pacing in Children
Principal Investigator: Jan Janousek, M.D., Ph.D.
Patrick Frias, M.D.

Chronic right ventricular (RV) pacing has been associated with harmful long-term effects on cardiac function and structure. This recognition of the potential harmful effects of RV pacing initiated the search for alternative ventricular pacing sites. For example, in some cardiac centers, LV pacing has grown favor as it has been shown to increase pump function as compared to RV pacing. Nevertheless, evidence that LV pacing results in better function and less remodeling as compared to RV pacing is insufficient, thus the optimal site for chronic pacing in children has still yet to be identified. This study has been designed to investigate which pacing sites for chronic pacing in children with structurally normal hearts carries the least adverse effects on left ventricular mechanical synchrony and function.  Divided into two parts, both retrospective and prospective, the hope is to collect multi-center data to evaluate LV function and remodeling, as well as LV mechanical synchrony in the chronic ventricularly paced patients.