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November Comeback Athlete Holland Carlton

School: Pace Academy
Grade: 9th
Sport: Volleyball, soccer
Team: Knights
Injury/disorder: Brain tumor

  • Holland is a triple athlete, participating in basketball, volleyball and soccer.
  • A CT scan after a concussion revealed a growing mass in her brain.
  • The surgery to remove the tumor took nine hours and two doctors to complete. After the procedure, she spent several weeks in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program receiving physical and occupational therapy.

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2015 November Comeback Athlete: Holland CarltonView

After a concussion landed Holland at the doctor’s office, a routine CT scan revealed the last thing she and her family expected—a brain tumor. In March 2015, Holland underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove the growth that was located very close on her brain to her movement and sensory centers. After the procedure, the young athlete had to relearn daily activities like how to tie her shoes and walk unassisted at the Children’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program. She is now back on the field playing soccer, and this past spring she became a strong starter on the JV volleyball team after working her way up from second string in just a few short weeks.


October Comeback Athlete Clay Evans

School: Cornerstone Preparatory Academy
Grade: 9th
Sport: Football
Team: Cornerstone Cougars
Injury/disorder: Compound fracture to right arm, which included severed brachial artery and median nerve.

  • Clay started playing flag football in 3rd grade.
  • As a 9th grader, Clay has a starting position on the varsity football team.
  • Clay had five surgeries on his right arm to repair the compound fracture and severed brachial artery and median nerve after his accident.
  • Clay learned to use his left hand after the accident for daily tasks, but after physical therapy at Children’s, Clay can now use both hands interchangeably.

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2015 October Comeback Athlete: Clay EvansView

Standing over 6-feet tall, Clay Evans was built to play football. After a serious accident left Clay with only partial use of his right arm, it took him two years to return to the field. With the help of his family, friends and love of football, Clay is now starting on the varsity football team as a freshman. 


September Comeback Athlete Jasmine Feraro

School: Saint Francis High School
Grade: 12th
Sport: Basketball and volleyball
Team: Saint Francis Knights
Injury/disorder: Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

  • Jasmine has been playing basketball since 5th grade.
  • She’s torn her ACL three times—twice on her right knee, once on her left. Research shows that girls are 4 times more likely to tear an ACL than boys.
  • She’s a leader even when she’s not playing, inspiring her basketball team to win the 2015 Class A Championship.
  • Jasmine and her physical therapist, Colleen Crosby, have such a bond that they stayed in touch even after she finished rehabilitation.

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2015 September Comeback Athlete: Jasmine FeraroView

It’s hard to come back from an injury once, let alone three times. But that’s just what Jasmine Feraro did—and basketball was her motivation. She persevered to get back on the court and her determination earned her the September Comeback Athlete title.


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