Children's ACL Sports Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Program


Injury Management
Learn how to minimize the ill effects of injuries and speed healing. Also find out when to seek medical attention.

Nutrition for Athletes
Nothing is more important to an athlete's well-being and ability to perform than proper nutrition. Learn the best way to eat to keep all of the body's systems perfectly tuned.

Hydration is critical to every function in the body. Fluid replacement is a simple technique that can keep dehydration and related heat illnesses at bay.

Teens at football practiceWarm Up and Flexibility
Learn tried and true stretching techniques to help prevent injuries.

Strength and Conditioning
Functional exercises that utilize body weight enhance conditioning and will enable athletes to perform better and reduce injuries.

Speed and Agility
Learn proper deceleration techniques during planting, cutting, landing, starting and stopping drills. These techniques will not only help prevent injury, they will delay the onset of fatigue.

This training program will teach athletes neuromuscular control of the muscle surrounding the knee during landing, which will in turn decrease the landing forces on the joint and help protect it from injury.