Sports Medicine


ACL Injury Prevention Get an overview of the tips and techniques through nutrition, plyometrics and more, available to athletes through this program.

Adaptive Sports Program

Children’s Adaptive Sports Program is designed to help children and teens with disabilities find sports they enjoy and can play safely. Our rehabilitation team collaborates with our Sports Medicine and Orthotics and Prosthetics teams to provide access to and information about adaptive sports. 

Concussion Program

We aim to educate the public about the dangers of concussions. Now we are the only Georgia hospital program with concussion materials endorsed by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Pediatric Dance Medicine Program

Dance is usually regarded as an art form, but it requires a great deal of athletic ability. That is why our Pediatric Dance Medicine Program treats dancers as athletes. Our therapists and athletic trainers focus on the dancer’s strength and form to prevent injury. They also use dance-focused rehabilitation to help them get back into the studio as soon as possible.

Dry Needling

Our Sports Medicine Program has three therapists on staff who are licensed and certified to perform dry needling, a practice that involves placing very thin needles without any medication into muscle fibers.

Isokinetic Testing

With isokinetic strength training, the amount of weight lifted (or work performed) is variable—it depends on how much effort/work the athlete puts forth.

Motion Analysis Technology

Children’s uses motion analysis technology to detect mechanical flaws in sports motion, which ultimately helps physicians treat pediatric sports injuries.

Multispecialty Services

Our Sports Medicine team works closely with other pediatric specialists at Children’s to offer young athletes direct access to high-quality, comprehensive care.

Prepare for Fall Running Events

Our Sports Medicine Running Program can help runners who are injured, have pain or want to prevent injury. See tips from our experts if your family is hitting the pavement this fall.

Student Athletic Trainer's Workshop A one day training session in which students will learn about equipment fitting, spine boarding and more.

Swimming Program Our swimming program helps swimmers recover from injuries and get back into competition.  We also teach them how to avoid injuries and how to improve their performance.

Wrestling Weight Management

The goal behind the program is that all high school wrestlers compete at a healthy weight.