Orthotics and Prosthetics

Children’s has the only on-site, hospital-based pediatric orthotics and prosthetics fabrication lab in Georgia.

What does this data mean?
This graph shows the number of patient visits completed in our Orthotics and Prosthetics Program in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Why is it important?
Patient volume is evidence of experience, and you want an experienced team to care for your child when an orthotic or prosthetic device has been prescribed by your doctor. Our high volumes mean our dedicated orthotic and prosthetic team can provide custom-made devices and advanced technology for our patients throughout metro Atlanta.

How does Children’s make sure we are giving high-quality care?

  • Our Orthotics and Prosthetics Program provides a wide range of orthopaedic braces (orthoses) and artificial limbs (prostheses). Most devices are more complex and require two or more office visits. 
  • We have the only on-site, hospital-based pediatric orthotics and prosthetics practice in Georgia.
  • The program offers opportunities for our patients to stay active, such as Camp No Limb-itations, a family-centered camp for children with limb deficiencies and their families.
  • We are a specialized center for advanced “intelligent hand” technology and treatment for patients with partial or full limb deficiency.