Training Tips

  • Before participating in any organized sport, athletes should see their doctor for a pre-participation physical.
  • Understand what roles each cheerleader has on the squad. Some cheerleaders are more suited to perform rolls, tumbles and aerial moves, while others may play a vital roll in providing strong bases and mounts during high-skill stunts.
  • Teach good habits early. Even the youngest of athletes can benefit from learning proper techniques and training methods. Encourage athletes to take part in dance and tumbling classes where safe technique is taught. Know and understand the rules and guidelines provided by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).
  • Warm up and cool down. Give yourself plenty of time before practices and events to warm up. Your body needs time to get blood flowing to cold muscles. Light jogging, followed by proper stretching can help prevent pulled muscles and sore bodies. When practices and events are over, it is a good idea to allow your body to cool down by performing long, slow stretches. This allows muscles to recover from being overworked and can also help to decrease any stiffness or soreness.