Guidelines for Parents of Children in Sports

Make sure your children know that—win or lose—you love them and are not disappointed with their performance.

  1. Be realistic about your child’s physical ability.
  2. Help your child set realistic goals.
  3. Emphasize improved performance, not winning. Positively reinforce improved skills.
  4. Don’t relive your own athletic past through your child.
  5. Provide a safe environment for training and competition. This includes proper training methods and equipment.
  6. Control your own emotions at games and events. Don’t yell at other players, coaches or officials.
  7. Be a cheerleader for your child and the other children on the team.
  8. Respect your child’s coaches. Communicate openly with them. If you disagree with their approach, discuss it with them privately.
  9. Be a positive role model. Enjoy sports yourself. Set your own goals.