Motion Analysis Technology

Children’s Sports Medicine Program uses motion analysis technology to detect mechanical flaws in sports motion, which ultimately helps physicians treat pediatric sports injuries. 

What is motion analysis technology?

Motion analysis technology is computer-based software originally designed for digital image enhancement. The success of the software in detailing image features has led to other ventures, including sports performance enhancement. We have further expanded the use of motion analysis technology as a tool in the rehabilitation process to help athletes recognize sport-specific mechanical flaws.

Sports movements are often difficult to see in real time. Video footage allows for analysis of the rapid details during an athlete’s throw, kick or stride that may be missed by the naked eye. For example, using motion analysis technology to analyze a baseball pitcher’s throw may show he is dropping his elbow. Dropping the elbow during pitching will increase stress across the joint and lead to injury.

How motion analysis technology works

Images can be analyzed in several different ways, including:

  • Live—Different recordings of the athlete can be placed side-by-side to show improvement or change in the motion.
  • Analyzer—This allows clinicians to watch an athletic movement unfold in a frame-by-frame sequence. Technical movements can be broken down and studied in precise detail. For example, a golf swing can be analyzed to show every angle of an athlete's body and club throughout the movement.
  • SimulCam—This creates a direct comparison of two performances layered upon each other, allowing coaches to analyze small technique differences for skill development and repeatability of a skill. For example, a high school pitcher could be superimposed on top of a professional pitcher to analyze the differences in their technique.

Why use motion analysis

Addressing mechanical errors will not only help to reduce the risk of injury but may also benefit performance, including increases in accuracy, speed and agility.

Contact the Children's Sports Medicine Program at 404-785-8570 if you are interested in learning more about motion analysis technology or having your child analyzed using this software.