Tummy Time Tools

Preventing Plagiocephaly and Torticollis

Tummy Time ToolsTummy Time Tools provides parents with ideas and activities to make sure your baby gets enough time on his tummy throughout the day, while he is awake and supervised. These activities include handling, carrying, diapering, positioning, feeding and playing with your baby. Increasing the amount of time your baby lies on his tummy:

  • Promotes muscle development in the neck and shoulders
  • Helps prevent tight neck muscles and the development of flat areas on the back of the baby’s head
  • Helps build the muscles your baby needs to roll, sit and crawl

Tummy Time Tools

Download a printer-friendly copy of Tummy Time Tools:

Tummy Time Is:

  • Tummy Time ToolsAny activity that keeps your baby from lying flat in one position against a hard, supporting surface
  • Anytime you carry, position or play with your baby while he is on his belly
  • Beneficial to babies of all ages
  • Fun, and it can be designed to be easy or challenging for your baby
  • Adaptable, and changes as your baby grows and develops strength
  • Always supervised—never leave your baby alone on his tummy
  • A great time to bond with your baby
  • More enjoyable when you play music or give your baby interesting toys to look at and play with

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