Meet our Courageous Patients


Meet Nour Nour was born with bilateral proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), a birth defect that affects the growth of the hips and legs. After rotationplasty at age 6, and intensive physical therapy, Nour is now more confident than ever.

Meet Declan

A few years ago, Declan Farmer knew little about hockey and even less about sled hockey. But, with time and practice, this double amputee is on his way to Sochi, Russia as part of the 2014 Paralympic sled hockey team.

Meet Karah

After a hand injury and multiple surgeries, Karah eventually sought treatment at Children's. Our orthopaedics and rehabilitation programs teamed up to help her develop strength and function.

Meet Samantha

Whether she is demonstrating the best back bend in gymnastics or competing with her four siblings, this 9-year-old doesn’t back down from a challenge. She was born without most of her left leg, starting at the middle of her thigh.

Meet Mei In his three short years, Mei Deavers has adapted to more than most adults have.

Meet Anaiah From saving her sister's life to receiving an Extreme Home Makeover, Anaiah's story has a happy ending.

Meet Anne

On April 7, 2006, Anne was a passenger in a horrific automobile accident.

Meet Maia

Nine-year-old Maia loved dancing, but when she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg, she wondered how many more leaps and twirls she would be able to make.

Meet Junior Most people have to adjust their clothes when they lose weight. Junior Jackson had to adjust his legs.