Fast Facts

Lives Saved

  • Six lives have been saved in Georgia schools this year (five adults and one student).
  • Thirty-four lives have been saved in the past four years at schools throughout the state.

HeartSafe Schools

CPR Training

  • We have provided training to more than 250 instructors on new American Heart Association CPR guidelines. 
  • We have trained 115 coaches from the metro Atlanta Youth Football League and a Tucker youth soccer league on CPR.
  • We have trained 83 new school CPR instructors.

Community Support

  • We have provided $27,360 in training grants to Georgia schools.
  • We have awarded the first Project ADAM Karen Smith Awards in Georgia to a school nurse in Gilmer county and a principal in Hall County. The award is for exemplary efforts with school AED programs. Each school was awarded $500 to expand their AED program.