Fast Facts

Lives Saved

  • 11 lives were saved in Georgia schools in the 2014-15 academic year (six adults and five students).
  • 66 lives have been saved since Dec. 2007 at schools throughout the state (33 adults and 33 children).

HeartSafe Schools

CPR Training

  • We have provided training to 425 instructors on new American Heart Association CPR guidelines. 
  • We have trained nearly 1,140 teachers, coaches and staff on CPR.
  • We have trained 7,500 students and adults on non-certification Hands Only CPR.

Community Support

  • We have provided $100,000 in training grants to Georgia schools.
  • We have provided CPR/AED training for the Peachtree Road Race.
  • We have provided CPR instructor training to the staff of the metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Clubs.