Overcoming Obstacles

By Matt Gallegly, Harris' father

The Dalton St. Patrick's Two-Miler is short by road race standards but for some it was just the last 2 miles of an epic journey.

My son, Harris, was diagnosed with supra valvular aortic stenosis at 3 months of age. This condition consists of a narrowing of the vessel above the aortic valve. The severity of his condition was characterized as mild/moderate. Doctors monitored this closely as family, friends and strangers prayed for healing. God’s hand was evident as he went 8 years without any symptoms or physical restrictions.

Last summer he underwent a stress test to check the function of this area. Some of the results were not favorable and his doctors recommended surgery. The healing that we had prayed for would come.

The amazing team of doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta repaired this condition with miraculous accuracy. Three weeks after surgery he was in the pool and at his 6 month checkup his doctor remarked that his heart sounded totally normal. Awesome!

Last Thursday night as he crossed his first race finish line with a time of 19:53 our hearts were filled with joy because he had not just run 2 miles but had completed a journey 8 years in the making.