School Resources for Heart Families

For a child with heart problems or a transplant, going to school can be tough. Here are the steps you should take to ensure your heart child has a smooth transition to/back to school.

  • Contact your child’s school counselor to communicate your child’s needs before they return to school.
  • If your child’s abilities are limited by his medical condition, he may need a 504 plan. This kind of plan includes accommodations to ensure that your child has appropriate access to instruction, school activities, and the school building.
  • Request a 504 planning meeting with all the teachers who will work with your child, in addition to the counselor and an administrator, to create a plan for your child. After the plan is complete, make a copy to keep on file.
  • Communication is key! Make sure to have contact information for your child’s counselor and teacher, and let them know when your child is in the hospital, or has upcoming appointments or procedures.

It is important to inform your school about your child's heart defect. Below are two documents that you can give to your school to help inform teachers, staff and school nurses about congenital heart defects:

Children with heart conditions are more likely to have problems with attention and learning. You can receive complete developmental care for your child with a heart condition through our Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program.

Please also utilize the additional resources below to help you navigate the school system:

Additional Information

For questions, contact Whitney Morrison in the school program at 404-785-1605 or email for more information.

The Children's School Program helps support the educational needs of patients whose medical condition impacts their learning experience.