Fracture Care

We Help Bones Get Back to Growing
Fracture care

Bones in children and teens are different from those in adults in a number of ways:

  • Bones heal faster in young people. The younger the child, the faster the healing occurs.
  • Bones are more flexible in children and tend to buckle or bend rather than break. 
  • Children have growth plates—these are the areas where bone growth happens.

Visit our pediatric-trained experts, here to treat your child at five metro Atlanta Urgent Care Centers and two Emergency Departments. This makes treatment more convenient for busy families.



    In children and teens, bone growth happens at specific parts of the bone called growth plates. They determine the length and shape of a mature bone. The growth plate may be damaged by a fracture or another injury. This could:

    • Permanently stop a bone’s growth and change how it functions. 
    • Produce a shortened arm or leg.
    • Cause the bone to stop growing straight.

    Our pediatric-trained, orthopaedic surgeons specialize in the treatment of fractures to help prevent complications from injuries to growth plates.


Specialized for children and teens

scan of a fractureThe types of treatments used for adult fractures can cause problems with normal bone growth in children and teens' fractures, and even sprains and strains. That is why it is important for them to go to doctors who specialize in treating growing bodies.

Pediatric-trained orthopaedic specialists can use digital technology to view the X-rays and offer treatment recommendations to emergency and urgent care doctors even while offsite.