Change for Children's

Exercise the spirit of giving with a coin-collecting challenge to change lives.

Exercise the spirit of giving with Change for Children’s – a philanthropic initiative is about teaching players to give back with a team spirit.

FriendsPlayers are encouraged to participate in a coin drive to raise money for Children’s. Athletes can raise money by emptying their piggy banks, hosting lemonade stands, or through encouraging their family and friends to give. Bring your donations to the field on the designated Change for Children’s collection days to turn into a Children’s volunteer representative.


Hosting a Change for Children’s event at your Sports organization is easy. Please contact Melisa Morrow at 404-785-7338 for more information about how to host your own Change for Children's event.

About Generous Generation

Generous GenerationThe Generous Generation initiative engages children and teens in activities that teach the importance of community service and encourage lifelong volunteerism and philanthropy. Other Generous Generation programs include Hope and Will Happy Birthday and Mini Friends.