Professional Development

Dr. Flamini

The process of education is ongoing. Fostering the professional development of our nursing professionals not only benefits their job satisfaction, but also results in improved care for our patients.

Children’s provides a number of resources to develop the expertise and skills of our nursing professionals, including:

  • Continuing education
  • Professional certification
  • Career advancement

Continuing education
Each year, new and ongoing programs are coordinated to enhance the competency of our nurses. The new Pediatric Simulation Center focuses on interdisciplinary simulations to build skills, teamwork and communication, while new graduates benefit from a comprehensive "First Year Experience" program at Children’s. In addition, quarterly clinical professional development seminars occur at multiple hospital campuses, with recent topics including:

  • The Management of Adolescents with Chronic Conditions by the Healthcare Professional
  • Pediatric Crisis Management and Critical Thinking Issues for the Healthcare Professional
  • Promoting a Culture of Accountability as Pediatric Healthcare Professionals
  • Decision-making for Children and Seriously Ill Newborns: Legal, Ethical and Palliative Care Issues

Professional certification
Children’s reimburses our nurses’ expense for those who successfully pass their certification exam, and offers a preparation course for the Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) exam.

Career Advancement for Nursing (CAN)
The CAN program standardizes career advancement and expectations for nurses across our organization. It recognizes nurses for certifications, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master’s degrees, as well as participation in councils, task forces and more.

By establishing fair and objective criteria to measure, recognize and reward nurses, Children’s expects to continue increasing nursing satisfaction, retain nursing talent and recruit clinical nurses that demonstrate the values of our culture.