Our Care Delivery System

In Relationship-Based Care (RBC) Primary Nursing, our care delivery system, each nurse initiates a caring and healing relationship with the patient and his family. The nurse has the responsibility to identify the patient’s unique health needs, accept responsibility for decisions regarding the patient’s care and communicate and coordinate the patient’s needs with other members of the healthcare team.

In the outpatient setting, nurses understand that while patients they see each day come and go, caregivers must take time to connect with these patients and families, too. These connections are no less important than long-term relationships in an inpatient setting.

Some creative ways that nurses have clarified caregiver roles, as they connect with patients and families include:

  • Posting staff pictures and biographies visible for patients and families
  • Helping ensure the same nurse cares for the child and family during their entire length of their visit, especially during procedures