Children's Physician Group—Emergency Medicine

Specialized Care for Life-Threatening Injuries or Serious Illnesses

Children's AmbulanceWe know how to treat everything from broken bones to brain injuries in the most efficient, effective and child-friendly way possible.

Unlike 94 percent of the hospitals in our country*, the Children's emergency team is fully equipped to take care of kids. 

Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center

We are home to the first state-designated Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in Georgia. Located at our Egleston hospital, the Level 1 distinction is the highest ranking of its kind that a hospital can attain and it recognizes centers that provide both premier care and conduct academic research.


We treat a wide range of conditions including wounds, fevers and head injuries. 

Meet the Team

The following physicians are part of the Children's Physician Group.

Beesan Agha, M.D.
Ijeoma Akaelu, M.D.
Bolanle Akinsola, M.D.
Jacob Beniflah, M.D.
Reena Blanco, M.D.
Laurie J. Burton, M.D.
Sofia Shaheen Chaudhary, M.D.
John Cheng, M.D.
Bruce Po-Cheng Chien, M.D.
Mary Chrisochos, M.D.
Stephanie G. Cohen, M.D.
Karen Colton, M.D.
Brian E. Costello, M.D.
Denise Claxton, M.D.
Alesia Hayes Fleming, M.D.
Keisha N. Fraser Doh, M.D.


Sarah Gard-Lazarus, M.D.
Sheila Goel, M.D.
Michael Goldsmith, M.D.
Michael Greenwald, M.D.
Mark Griffiths, M.D.
Peter Gutierrez, M.D.
Sherita Holmes, M.D.
Laura Ongiri Howard, M.D.
Shabnam Jain, M.D.
Katherine Fleming-Dutra, M.D.
Naghma S. Khan, M.D.
Lindsay Kibuyaga, M.D.
Jeffrey F. Linzer, M.D.
Wendalyn K. Little, M.D.
Michael Miello, M.D.


Claudia R. Morris, M.D.
Amy Elizabeth Pattishall, M.D.
Funmi Salami, M.D.
Mary Sawyer, M.D.
Harold K. Simon, M.D.
Samuel James Spizman, M.D.
Carmen Sulton-Villavasso, M.D.
Tamara S. Taylor, M.D.
Taryn Renee Taylor, M.D.
Neha Vaitha, M.D,
Mark J. Ward, M.D.
Deborah W. Young, M.D.
Michael Ziegler, M.D.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding is owned by Grady Health System and managed by HSOC Inc., an affiliate of Children's.

* Middleton, K.A., Burt, C.W. “Availability of Pediatric Services and Equipment in Emergency Departments: United States." National Center for Health Statistics, 2006.