North Druid Hills Campus

A Transformative Approach

In February 2017, we announced that we are breaking new ground at our new North Druid Hills Campus by asking our patients What if?

Since then, we have spent countless hours meeting with doctors, nurses, patients, parents, community leaders, staff and neighbors gathering insightful input. Our vision is to transform a more than 70-acre site into a campus that begins the healing process upon entry, allowing us to improve the lives of future generations of children by bringing greater access to highly specialized pediatric care.

Campus Overview

The North Druid Hills campus will ultimately be the home of the Center for Advanced Pediatrics, support staff buildings, a hospital, acres of greenspace and miles of trails.

Site Plan Site Plan
1. Greenspace
The campus is intentionally designed to have more than 20 acres of greenspace to allow our patients and families to enjoy healing views when inside and experience the outdoors when able. This greenspace will also treat stormwater, accommodate hundreds of hardwood trees, and integrate with miles of paths and walkways for our patients, families, and employees. The buildings are located to take advantage of our most unique asset: open greenspace to allow children and their families to heal in the most natural environment possible.
2. Campus Entry Point
Healing will begin when patients arrive on our campus. A primary access point will be a new, tree-lined entry from North Druid Hills Road.
3. Center for Advanced Pediatrics
The 260,000-square-foot outpatient, non-emergency facility opened to the public in July 2018. The center is the only one of its kind in Georgia and brings multiple pediatric clinics, programs and specialists under one roof to serve patients with chronic illness and complex care needs.
4. Campus and Emergency Department Entry
Our goal is for our patients to be able to enter from a dedicated entrance from I-85 access road that will also offer direct access to our emergency department.
5. Hospital
The hospital at North Druid Hills is designed to do one thing: help children get better quickly. To do so, it will blend efficient planning, modern technology, compassionate care and the healing views to the outdoors.
6. The Support Center

Our first office building at the Support Center opened in November 2019, with the second building to open in 2020. When complete, the Support Center will be home to all of the Children’s administrative staff. Housing all of our staff in one place creates efficiencies and offers a best-in-class workplace for our employees.



Our Transformative Approach

We will transform the lives of children by transforming the land into a pediatric healthcare destination. The phased development of our North Druid Hills campus will improve quality of care, patient experience, and access to specialized pediatric healthcare for Georgia’s children and families.

Patients & Families

Children are at the heart of everything we do. We know kids have better outcomes and get better faster in healing, holistic environments built just for them. We designed our North Druid Hills campus with an intense focus on creating the best care experience for our patients and their families.

Our Community

Our campus will be a catalyst for health and wellness for our patients, families, physicians, staff and our community. We want to be part of Atlanta's future not only by healing Georgia's kids, but also by creating a pediatric healthcare destination that inspires a healthy, connected community.

Environmental Wellness

We will innovate and take full advantage of the latest advances in technology and sustainability to build for our future. We are designing our campus to be healthy inside and out for our environment and our people – the Children’s community of physicians and staff that care for kids.

By The Numbers

By the Numbers

Total Planned Transportation Investment: $40M+

Children's will redefine the surrounding area with a healthy, walkable, pedestrian-first design and continue to be a catalyst for change by investing more than $40 million in transportation and traffic improvements.

Our Transformation Investment

A New Approach to Campus Design

The design of our campus and careful placement of planned and future structures is designed to take advantage of the size of our campus, Atlanta’s plentiful sunlight, and our location in the Georgia piedmont, where a mix of forest and greenspaces are the natural state of the environment. Our hospital towers may be as tall as 19-stories for one reason: to improve outcomes. These patient towers were designed to take advantage of research-proven healing views that we know improve outcomes while leaving greenspaces available for our patient families to access as much as possible.

30% Energy Cost Savings*

More Efficient Care

The floor sizes in our buildings were determined by maximizing efficiency for our physicians and nurses as they make rounds and treat patients. We are also utilizing natural daylight in our design to reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.*
*Ander, G. (2011, August). Daylighting. Whole Building Design Guide

Less Medication

Studies have shown that patients require up to 22% less analgesic medicine when they have access to sunlight. 1
1. *Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC, Center of Health Design. Top 10 evidence-based design features that improve healthcare outcomes.

Up to 22% Lower Medicinal Intake with Sunlight Access*

reduced stress and pain

Access to Nature Results in Less Stress and Pain*

Reduced Stress and Pain

Research has shown that access to nature and views results in increased pain tolerance, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and decreased pain. Research also shows that patients experience a positive change within five minutes of viewing natural settings.*
*Ulrich, R.S. (1984) View through a window may influence recovery from surgery Science. Vol. 224
Brown, D.K., Barton, J. L., & Gladwell, V.F.(2013). Viewing Nature Scenes Positively Affects Recovery of Autonomic Funcition Following Acute-Mental Stress

Our Guiding Principles

Quality & Patient Safety

Optimize the delivery of care to enhance outcomes and patient safety.

Financial Stewardship

Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by leveraging resources in a way that enables maximum potential for future opportunities.


Create change-ready flexible solutions that are adaptable, transferrable and scalable to cater to diverse needs.


Challenge the status-quo and seek innovative strategies for reliability, technology, communications and organizational agility.

Teaching & Research

Provide an environment that fosters individual and collective learning, discovery, feedback and exploration.

Health & Wellness Catalyst

Envision a health and wellness destination that inspires by example and enhances lifestyles and sustainability.

Operational Excellence

Improve processes to support quality and patient safety, cultural and operational efficiencies, and maximize productivity.

Physician Experience

Enhance physician experience through a collaborative model that embraces One System, One Culture, Three Campuses.

Staff Experience

Elevate employee experience to attract, retain and support staff.

Patient and Family Experience

Anticipate future needs by considering the end-to-end patient experience.

Stay Informed

We will engage with our partners, the community and government leaders during the development of specific plans. Review common questions, submit a new question and check back for updates.

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