Let’s Get Strong—Together

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As parents, we want to give our kids everything they need to feel great—and good health plays a major role. But it can be tough in our super-sized, super plugged-in world to keep our kids on a healthy track.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life helps parents inspire their kids to eat right and get moving with easy, doable tips and advice from our doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts. We are experts, and we are parents, too. We understand both the unique challenges and the not-so-unique time crunch all parents face. Our team makes it their mission to create simple, realistic ways for you to help your kids eat, move and live healthier.

At Strong4Life, you will find everything from tips on outsmarting your grocery store to information on our programs like Camp Strong4Life. Check out our monthly newsletter for topics like “A+ Strategies to Boost Test Scores,” and get up-to-the-minute candid advice on hot parenting topics from one of our favorite moms—and pediatricians—at Dr. Walsh’s Healthy Dose blog.

As parents, we are the gatekeepers to our children’s habits, and we are also our kids’ leading role models. That can be overwhelming, but the earlier you start creating healthy habits for your family, the more likely they will stick with those habits as they get older. Get started by watching our Welcome to Strong4Life video and visiting Strong4Life.com. Then, let’s get busy creating healthy lifestyles—together.

Video: Welcome to Strong4Life

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Strong4Life is for busy parents just like you who can use some help getting their families motivated to eat, move and live healthier. Visit Strong4Life.com for lots of easy tips you can try at home.