Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Employee Resources

The following resources and links are available for Children's employees to access from home or other out-of-network locations.

Special Circumstances

Because of licensing restrictions, only a certain number of users are allowed to access RCAP at the same time. Please only use RCAP (especially in special circumstances like weather-related situations) if there is no other way to connect to the needed system or application. For example, if all you need to do is check email, access your email directly through Children's WebMail (instructions below). Or, if you have a Children's laptop, use VPN to access the network (VPN tipsheet) directly.

Children’s employees should always follow HIPAA and privacy guidelines when emailing documents. 

Our providers will go great lengths to see a patient smile.

Children's WebMail

To check e-mail or access your Outlook calendar, use Children’s WebMail. When the system prompts you for your user name and password:

  • Enter choa\your user name in the domain\user name field.
  • Enter your password in the password field.

Remote Children’s Application Portal (RCAP)

The Remote Children's Application Portal (RCAP) allows staff to securely access the Children's network from home or other remote locations.

First time?
Read about how to access RCAP. You many need to download software on your computer. 

Log in
Use the following link to access RCAP: Log in to RCAP.

Our nurses give the best care every day to every patient

If you have a problem accessing RCAP, contact the Solution Center at 404-785-6767.

Doctor On Call

The Doctor On Call schedule is for physicians at Children’s at Scottish Rite and Children’s at Egleston. It includes on-call schedules for those physicians who should be available for unassigned patients.


To access the e-HR and e-Requisitions Web sites:

Career Connection

At Children’s, we are dedicated to the retention, growth and professional development of our employees. We encourage you to pursue opportunities within the System, and to refer your qualified friends and acquaintances to our organization.

Our doctors are special people--they are dedicated to all better.


Recognize an employee for modeling our values, helping us achieve our strategy or fulfilling our promise and win exciting awards.

Strong4Life at Children's

Strong4Life at Children's is designed to help employees who are interested in improving their health. Strong4Life Online, brought to you by PureWellness, allows you to self-monitor your goals and progress right from your computer.