Pediatric Dentistry Services

The Children’s Pediatric Dentistry Department treats children between the ages of birth to 21 with medical conditions needing serious dental care. The department serves more than 3,000 patients with special needs.

It is important for children to have ongoing care given by the same dentist—this is called a dental home. A child’s dental home should provide:

  • Complete oral care, including preventative care
  • Complete testing for oral diseases and conditions
  • A dental plan that is made just for your child
  • Tips and tools to keep your child’s mouth healthy during his life
  • Diet counseling
  • Referral to a dental specialist, when necessary

Children’s provides dentistry services to support the following medical conditions:

*Must be preapproved by Children's pediatric dentists

View an article from the physician publication regarding why oral health is a critical part of medical care, and why it's important for patients to have a dental home.

How to Help

Make a general donation, honorarium or memorable gift. Or contact Chuck Otto by email or phone 404-785-7302 for more information about contributing to the Pediatric Dentistry Program.