Children's Physician Group—Nephrology

Caring for Children and Young Adults With Kidney Diseases

Children's has five full-time pediatric nephrologists who have more than 80 years of combined experience. We offer clinics in Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Cumming and Marietta for children and young adults with kidney conditions.

  • Scheduling and Appointments

      - Call 404-785-KIDS (5437) to make, cancel or reschedule an appointment in the Atlanta area

      - Call 706-389-2800 to make, cancel or reschedule an appointment in Athens

      - Call 404-785-1111 to see if we can schedule an appointment in your community using Telemedicine

      Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to Bring

      - If you are a new patient, print our new patient form, complete it and bring it with you

      - Driver's license

      - Insurance card

      - Your child's medicine or a list of your child's medicines with dosages

      - Records, such as urine protein results or blood pressure readings

      - Questions for the doctor or nurse

      - You may need cash for parking (allow an extra 15 minutes to park)

  • Medicine

      - Call your pharmacy 1 to 2 weeks before your prescription runs out and ask them to fax a refill request to 404-785-9113. This will take 2 business days to process.

      - If your child's medicine dose is different from the dose on the bottle, call your pharmacist.

  • Insurance

      - It is important to let us know of any changes with your insurance. We will need your most up-to-date information to get approval for medications and/or procedures.

      - It is your responsibility to know what is covered by your insurance policy. We will try to get all necessary approvals from your insurance company before your child's procedure.

  • Physician Referrals

      - Call 404-785-DOCS (3627) to refer a patient.

      - Download a copy of our referral form.

      - Fax all referral related documents to 404-785-9111.

      - Fax prior authorization forms to 404-785-3236.

      - Fax prescription refills to 404-785-9113.

      - Fax all other documents to 404-785-9071.