Pediatric Anesthesia Care

Specialists Managing Pain During Each Pediatric Surgery

Children's is Dedicated to All BetterCaring for children means special training and facilities. When an infant or teen needs a surgery, each surgery is tailored to each patient. And an important part of any surgery is managing your child’s pain with anesthesia (sleep medicine).

Pediatric anesthesiologists are best qualified to plan safe anesthesia for each child based on his weight, height and type of surgery. Through special training and experience, pediatric anesthesiologists provide the safest care for infants and children with even the most difficult health issues.*


    Learn answers to frequently asked questions about anesthesia.

    One Size Does Not Fit All: Before surgery, each child gets to choose a scent for the anesthesia mask—specially sized to fit every child. 

    Bubble gum, cookie dough, cotton candy, grape, orange and strawberry are some favorites.


Pre-Anesthesia Forms

At Children's, a pediatric-trained team of board-certified anesthesiologists and staff are involved in every stage of your child’s care.

Pediatric anesthesiologists at Children's:

  • Prevent experiences of pain and distress. Anesthesiologists also lead our Center for Pain Relief.
  • Understand that you and your child may be nervous about having anesthesia.
  • Want to make the experience of having anesthesia as stress-free as possible for your family.
  • Meet with you and your child so you can ask the anesthesiologists any questions before the surgery.

*American Academy of Pediatrics