Pediatric Ear Tube Surgery

The team of experts at Children’s have additional training in pediatrics. The ENT doctors on staff at Children’s specialize in disorders of the ear, nose and throat, and may help treat your child with certain problems such as ear infections. Your child's primary care doctor will decide if you should visit an ENT.

If your child has lots of ear infections, ear tubes may help. Infections are caused when fluid gathers in the ear with nowhere to go. Even when the infection is gone, fluid may remain in his ear. Ear tubes allow the middle ear to drain and prevent fluid from building up—they will not change his hearing.

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Video: Dr. Bauer explains how ear tubes are inserted

Dr. Bauer explains how ear tubes are insertedView

Dr. Erik Bauer, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Children's, talks about the ear tube surgery. Ear tubes are small cylinders placed through the ear drum to allow air to slow into the middle ear. Dr. Bauer talks about the procedure, maintenance and benefits.


When your child grows up

The tubes will usually fall out in about six to 12 months. If they do not fall out, a short, outpatient surgery may be needed to remove them. Some children may need ear tubes more than once in their lives—this is OK.

Swimming with ear tubes

Check with your child’s doctor to get his opinion before your child goes swimming. Some doctors suggest ear plugs.