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All In for All Better

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About ALL IN

There's something special about the kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. They are brave, coming back from illnesses and injuries that few adults can imagine. Our kids are devoted, working hard to get better so they can go back to their families and friends.

No one is more All In than they are.

By going All In for Kids, you're committed to helping them reach that goal of a healthier, happier childhood. You're All In for birthdays, All In for smiles, All In for hugs, All In for the biggest milestones and tiniest moments that make a child's life special every single day. You're All In for All Better.

Join Children's in going All In for Kids by making a donation this holiday season. Your support can help give our kids the childhood they deserve.



No one appreciates the magic of the holiday season quite like a child. These months should be filled with joy and wonder, but unfortunately, not every child will get to be home with their families this season. Instead thousands of sick and injured kids will spend this time of the year in the hospital.

At Childrens, we believe these kids deserve the magic of the season. You can bring it to them by going All In.

A tax-deductible gift made during our All In for Kids campaign will help sustain the work we do every day to bring the smile back to a child's face during these tough times.