Meet Emmy

2012 Care-a-Thon patient profile

Emmy was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia shortly after her birth January 4, 2010.  

Only two short weeks after bringing Emmy home, she was admitted to the hospital for her first of many high fevers.  With Sickle Cell, fever is a medical emergency; it can be the first symptom of a dangerous life-threatening bacterial infection. 

Emmy has been admitted to the hospital countless times in her short little life.  She has had over 30 trips to the emergency room and is no stranger to being poked and prodded. Sickle Cell Anemia causes chronic pain, many children suffering from this disease will experience times throughout their lives that they will be unable to walk due to the severity of the pain.  At only nine months old, Emmy began experiencing pain in her tibia.  This pain made it difficult for Emmy to crawl, learn to walk. Emmy now experiences pain in both eyes, as well as severe migraines.

Emmy is currently seen at Aflac once a month to monitor her labs as well as her medications.  She is takes seven different medications daily. Emmy's parents had no idea when adopting her that through her illness Children's and Aflac would become family.

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