Meet Collier

Collier Cayce

During the end of summer 2012, we noticed a bump on Collier’s right tibia bone (shin bone). Collier was 13 at the time and a very athletic teenager. He loved sports, but he especially liked football and basketball. We just assumed the bump on his leg was from one of his many sports activities. During September, Collier was enjoying his eighth-grade year, playing football for South Forsyth Middle School and playing basketball with his friends at the local recreation center.

He came home from practice one evening and we noticed that his right calf had become very swollen. He wasn’t complaining of any pain so his parents weren’t concerned, but they decided to take him to his pediatrician anyway. The pediatrician took one look at his leg and immediately sent him to the Emergency Department at Scottish Rite hospital. They took an X-ray of his leg and saw an “anomaly” on his tibia. The next day we were contacted by a solid tumor oncologist Bradley George, M.D. Dr. George told us they were concerned about the “thing” in his leg and wanted to take a MRI for closer review. The morning after the MRI, Dr. George called and said that there was a mass in his leg, which they would have to biopsy. On Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, we took Collier back to Scottish Rite for the biopsy results. The results rocked our world; there was a tumor in Collier’s leg and it was malignant. We were devastated. The biopsy showed that Collier had a tumor in his leg called Ewing’s Sarcoma, which was attached to his tibia bone. After the biopsy, we did a couple of other scans and learned that the cancer had spread to his lungs. Collier started chemotherapy Oct. 2, 2012 and has been continuing therapy at Scottish Rite. We are hoping he will be finished with chemotherapy by May 2013. In January and February 2013, he had 31 days of radiation on his leg at Emory. After his chemotherapy regimen is complete, he will have two weeks of radiation therapy on his lungs.