Strong4Life Superhero Sprint

How to Raise $1,000

We are asking you to ask your friends, family, co-workers and others to help make a differene in the life of a child and join your TEAM.  Please take a look at our website and create your own TEAM page and send via email to friends and family.  It's that easy to get your team together and start raising money.  by collecting donations, you can make your participation in the Strong4Life Superhero Sprint go further toward helping the patients and families at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  Your team can also earn valuable prizes through their fundraising efforts.  Get started today by creating your own page.
1.  Show your commitment and contribute              $100                                                     
2.  Ask spouse/friend to match your donation     $100              
3.  Ask a friend or family member to raise money on your behalf    $100
4.  Ask vendors/suppliers $100
5.  Ask someone who has children or someone who has been to Children's
Healthcare of Atlanta with their children    $50
6.  Ask your five best friends for $20 each    $100
7.  Ask everyone in a club or ogranization to donate (10 x $20 each)  $200
8.  Send a letter to your holiday card mailing list inviting friends to contribute $200
9.  Ask your barber/hairstylist to donate $25
10.  Ask someone who has asked you for support    $25
TOTAL  $1,000



For More Information

For more information please contact Renee Fraley at 404.785.7315.