Strong4Life Superhero Sprint

Online Guide 6 Easy Steps to Start Your Online Fundraising

1.  Register 
- Click on the blue "Register Here" button at the top of the page
- Team Captains - Select "Start a Team"
- Runners/Walkers - Select "Join a Team"
- Individual Runners/Walkers - Select "Join as an individual"

2.  Customize Your Personal Webpage
- Once you are logged in to your HQ, click on the "My Webpage" tab
- Upload a picture, edit the captain and personalize the text to share your story
- Don't forget to click "Submit" when you are finished
- If you are a team captain, you can also customize your team's page.  Simply click "Edit Team Page" and upload photos or tell the story of why your team is participating
- Note:  Photos must be in a .jpg or .gif format and must be 50KB or less

3.  Send Emails
- Click on the "Email" tab
- Send customized emails to your friends and family inviting them to join your team or make a donation towards your fundraising goal.
- The Email Center contains recruitment, solicitation and thank you templates. Insert a salutation in the left hand column and the email address in the right hand column.
- Enter contacts into the Address Book so you can keep track of who's joined your team or donated to you. You can import your address book by clicking on Address Book Import. 
- Templates are provided to get you started, but personalize them so that people know why you are participating
- Online contributors will receive an instant, system-generated receipt for taxes along with a thank you note. Your donors will then see their contribution applied to your goal. This secure process ensures that no personal information will be shared.

4.  Enter Checks and Cash
- Click on the "Tools" tab and then "Enter Pledge" to enter your donor's information
- After submitting your donor's information, click "Print Donation Form" and mail your check(s) to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at:

Strong4Life Superhero Sprint
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Attn:  Renee Fraley

1687 Tullie Circle NE
Atlanta, GA  30329

- Upon receipt, we will confirm the donation and you will see it applied to your goal.
- Note:  You will not see this money applied to your goal until it is received by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  It is very important that you enter your checks and cash so that we may accurately credit you for the donation.

5.  Track Your Progress
- Click on the "Reports" tab to view a summary of online and offline donations.  Export and print options are available.

6.  Fundraise with Facebook

Facebook has over 500 million users!  Chances are your company, college and social groups have a Facebook page. Communicating with your friends and family on Facebook to reach your fundraising goal is easy!
- Go to the
Strong4Life Superhero Sprint registration site 
- Go to My HQ on the left navigation toolbar
- Click on "Enter My HQ"
- Log-in
- Go to the Email Tab at the top of the page
- You will then see a link for Facebook. Click on it. You will then click the "Connect with Facebook" button and log-in. Allow permission for the event to update your Facebook status, fill out the textbox and click the "Update your Status" button.



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