Strong4Life Superhero Sprint

Fundraising Tips and Tools

Fundraising Tools:

Start early 

  • Ask and receive - the #1 reason people donate is because they are asked.  Tell everyone you know that you are walking or running to help the patients and families here at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and you need their help. Just ASK!
  • Develop a list of potential donors and how much you will ask each person for. Who do you give to? Include friends and family from your holiday card list. Did you include your personal vendors such as the dry cleaner, hair stylist, manicurist, day care, banker, physician , dentist, real estate agent, etc.?
  • Instill Passion by asking those that have children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc. or those you know have used the services we offer here at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  Share any experience you have had personally or a friend has had with Children's.

Raise money online

  • Register online and personalize your Strong4Life Superhero Sprint page with a photo and/or short story of why this is important to you to raise money for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
  • Add your personal touches to the email templates before sending to friends and family.  They are much more likely to respond to a personal and passionate story.
  • Download your address book to your personal web page.  By following the steps provided, you can easily send and track emails and donations on your web page.

Send a fundraising letter

  • In addition to emails, sending personal letters is a great way to invite your friends, family, co-workers or business contacts to donate to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  If you are participating through your company or work with company vendors, this can be a great way to earn donations from businesses, which tend to be larger than personal donations.
  • Include a self addressed stamped envelope with your letter to make it easy for your donors to contribute.
  • Be sure to include the link to your personal fundraising page for anyone who would like to donate with a credit card.
  • Ideas of people to ask and sample letters are available.

Set aside a time to call

  • Take a look at your potential list and identify those individuals you want to call personally and ask for a donation.
  • Inform them on where to send the donation if they will be writing a check and let them know they can go straight to your personal web page if they want to donate by credit card.

Ask in person

  • Identify those individuals you will be seeing in a meeting, at the football tailgate, church, business meeting or doctor's appointment and ask for a donation.
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