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Importing a Pesonal Photo to Your Web Page
Importing a Pesonal Photo to Your Web Page

The Kintera system only allows .jpeg or .gif formatted pictures which are roughly sized to 300 pixels x 234 pixels, and 50KM or less.

Resizing images using Microsoft Picture Manager Editor

1.  Click on Start>Programs>Mircrosoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools and click on Microsoft Picture Manager.
2.  Your pictures will appear here.
3.  Go to Picture on the Menu bar
4.  Click on Resize from the menu
5.  Type in your width 300.  (on the left hand navigation bar under Custom width x height.  NOTE: come as close to 300 x 234 without distorting as you can.  If your photo is longer than wide, reverse the numbers.
6. Click on OK
7. Click on File>Save from the menu

Importing your image/picture

1.  Open your personal web page
2.  Click on 'Enter my HQ' link under the 'My HQ' heading on the left hand navigation bar.  The login screen will appear.
3.  Type in your username, password and click on the continue button.  Your HQ page will appear. 
4.  Click on the My Webpage tab.
5.  From the Webpage image section, click on the upload link.
6.  Click on the Browse button.  The choose file dialog box will appear.
7.  Navigate to where you saved your picture, select the file, and clidk on open.
8.  Click on the Submit button and this picture will now appear on your personal page.