Cade Roberts


During a soccer tournament in May 2012, 13-year-old Cade Roberts was hit in the abdomen with a ball and began to vomit. As the pain worsened, Cade’s parents rushed him to Children’s, where he was admitted to a trauma room in the Emergency Department. Initial scans revealed a significant amount of internal bleeding that required emergency surgery. It was unclear whether Cade would recover. During his surgery, Cade was diagnosed with a congenital horseshoe kidney, a condition that causes the kidneys to be fused together. Doctors discovered that the ball’s impact had caused the organ to split. If Cade’s condition had not been diagnosed during his surgery, it could have caused potentially fatal complications later in life. After three weeks in the hospital undergoing surgeries and physical and occupational therapy, Cade was sent home—with two working kidneys and a green light to play soccer again.


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When most children hit the playing field, parents may think about a scraped knee or, at worst, a broken bone. But for the parents of Cade Roberts, one player-to-player collision on the soccer field left their son in the hospital for weeks fighting for his life.  

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