Report to our Donors

Estates and Trusts

2011 Estates

The Estate of Virginia Speer Bishop
The Estate of William D. M. Elfrink
The Estate of Kennesaw Fullilove
The Estate of Arlene V. Harrison
The Estate of George W. Hunter
The Estate of Jessie James
The Estate of Mary Cobb Long
The Estate of Robert K. Mericka
The Estate of Artyce Geneva Nunn
The Estate of Abraham Oshlag
The Estate of Charles A. Overcash
The Estate of Charles C. Schoen III
The Estate of Randolph W. Smith
The Estate of Joan Dobbs White
The Estate of Virginia Cook Wood

2011 Trusts

Trust Under Will of Frances Adair
Trust Under Will of Nell Wise Babb
Trust Under Will of Bleeker Family
Trust Under Will of Louis S. Brooke
The Brooks Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Chapin Trust
The Mary Jane Chester Revocable Trust
Ella B. Cleveland Trust
Anne Mays & C. A. Conklin Trust
The Casmira W. Leo Marital Deduction Trust
Trust Under Will of Georgia S. Downing
Dukehart Lead Annuity Trust
Thomas Egleston Trust
Ernest A. Fort Charitable Trust
E. J. Fried Charitable Trust
Trust Under Will of Wilbur F. Glenn
Trust Under Will of J.J. Goodrum
The Gerald G. Gould Revocable Trust
Trust Under Will of Gladys & Myron S. Greentree
Gunter Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Katharine Chapman Hardin Gift Trust
Trust Under Will of W.C. Harris
Trust Under Will of John R. & Catherine G. Howard
The Sara & Fred Hoyt Charitable Trust
Paul Jones Fund
Susan Joseph Revocable Trust
Trust Under Will of Weston L. Lipscomb
Alva P. McCrary Fund
Trust Under Will of Irene McMath
Janice M. McNeal Revocable Living Trust
Joyce Lanier Milner Charitable Trust
Louis J. & Sarah K. Mirjanich Trust
Trust Under Will of Louise D. Park
Vivian Phillips Charitable Trust
Virginia Kimbrough Clark Reese and Thomas Matt Reese Trust
Trust Under Will of John H. Rogers
R. Randall Rollins Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Ruskin Family Trust
Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust
Mary J. Smith Living Trust
Trust Under Will of Roy Sparks
Herbert B. Stockinger Trust
Edward P. Stuart Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Trust Under Agreement of  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sutton
Trust Under Will of Natalie Torbert
Trust Under Will of William C. Wardlaw II
The Laurie Davis Webster Beneficial Fund
Merrill P. Wilson Memorial Fund