Remote Children’s Application Portal (RCAP)

At Children’s, we want our employees and physicians to have access to the resources that best serve our patients, even if those caregivers aren’t on-site at the time the need arises. Advances in technology make remote connectivity possible, but as the benefits of remote connectivity increase, so do the challenges of protecting sensitive data.

To accomplish both of these objectives, we are rolling out the latest version of our Remote Children’s Application Portal (RCAP). Those who already use the Children’s Application Portal when working on-site will find RCAP to be very similar. Keep the following items in mind when using it:

  • RCAP provides access to many Children's applications, but without the appearance of a desktop. 
  • You can access it from office or clinical areas.
  • You may be required to install additional software on your computer in order to use RCAP.
  • Children's officially supports the Windows XP operating system. You also can access the new version of RCAP from computers running Microsoft Windows Vista and Apple's MAC operating systems (additional software downloads are required).  As a courtesy, we're providing links to software downloads for the MAC and Windows Vista.  However, Children's does not support either of these operating systems.

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