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Michael McConnell, M.D.

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Pediatric Cardiologist

Outpatient Clinic Location:
Sibley Heart Center Cardiology - Augusta
Sibley Heart Center Cardiology--Newnan
Sibley Heart Center Cardiology--Stockbridge

Primary Specialty

Primary Location
Sibley Heart Center Cardiology
202 Village Ctr Pkwy,
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone/Appointments: 404-256-2593
Fax: 404-321-9688


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Education and Training 
Medical Degree: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
Internship: Childrens Hospital of Alabama
Residency: Childrens Hospital of Alabama
Fellowship: Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center

American Board Of Pediatrics
American Board Of Pediatrics (Sub: Ped Cardiology)

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