Case Management

Your child has been assigned a nurse case manager. The nurse case manager will make sure your child has everything he needs when he leaves the hospital.

Nurse case managers:

  • Seek preapproval from your insurance company (i.e., for medicine and home health equipment).
  • Help you manage your child’s care after he leaves the hospital.
  • Work with your child’s medical team to improve care.
  • Serve as a resource for you and your child after he leaves the hospital.

Your child’s nurse case manager may:

  • Meet with you within 24 hours of admission to review your child’s health history.
  • Review your child’s medicine.
  • Coordinate resources for your child, such as specialty day care, clinics and therapists.
  • Manage communication among your child’s doctor and home care providers.

Talk with your child’s case manager about any other needs he may have.