Technical Specifications

Supported Browsers
AccessCHOA is a web-enabled application, so it requires an Internet browser. The application is supported by the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 through 9.0 (for Microsoft Windows platforms)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.x (for Microsoft Windows platforms)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.x (for Mac OS X platforms)

At this time, you cannot visit accessCHOA through the Safari, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, MSN Explorer, AOL Explorer or Web TV browsers.

Browser Requirements
For accessCHOA to function properly, your browser must be able to accept cookies and run JavaScript. These are default settings when you install Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so they are supported unless you have disabled them. To display graphs and scanned images, your browser needs to be Java enabled as well.

Viewing PACS Images in accessCHOA
The following additional browser requirements are necessary when viewing PACS images in accessCHOA:

  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Internet Explorer version 8 must be used.
  • ActiveX must be installed.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed.