Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have a login for accessCHOA, and I want to be able to place outpatient orders. How do I set this up?

      You must be a clinician (physician, mid-level provider or nurse) to add orders, and a representative (clinical or non-clinical) must participate in orders training. Sign up for training or contact us for more information.

  • Can I order tests in accessCHOA for patients who have never been treated at Children’s before?

      Yes, you can add patients to the Children’s database in order to place orders on them electronically.

  • Can I still submit paper orders to Children’s as I do today?

      Yes. All areas will still accept paper orders using the same process that you have always used. If you fax an order, it is not advised that you also place the same order electronically.

  • Are there any areas that will not accept electronic orders at Children’s?

      AccessCHOA cannot be used to submit lab orders that include a clinic-drawn specimen or for reference lab orders.

  • How do I reset my password?
      The site administrator for your group has the ability to reset your password. If you are not sure who your site administrator is, contact the Solution Center at 404-785-6767.
  • How do I find out who my group’s site administrator is?
      Contact the Solution Center at 404-785-6767.
  • How can I receive and customize notifications about my patients?

      For ongoing access and notifications, register for accessCHOA. For individual patients, First Access gives you and your staff access to a record by identifying information about each patient you wish to view. We provide temporary access for five days. The medical records team receives a report of all First Access requests, reviews them, and grants or revokes permanent access.

      By default, all practices receive notifications of patient visits or results, and these can be customized within accessCHOA to work best for you. The Customize Views and Notifications tip sheet located in the training folder in the upper right-hand of the application will walk you through this process. In addition, you can choose to get an email when you receive a notification in accessCHOA.

  • What do I do if I want to add a patient to my list but can’t find the patient?

      Unless it is an exact match, the patient will not be found or made available. To confirm the spelling and dates, please call the Children’s Health Information Services Department at 404-785-0508 to get assistance with the spelling and date of birth. Please have the correct name, date of birth and sex of the patient on hand when you call medical records.

  • If my practice has two locations, do we need separate site administrators at each location?

      Yes. If you have multiple locations and you want to keep your patients separated by location, even if physicians work at the multiple practices, you will need to have a site administrator at each location. Otherwise, each practice will receive all of the patient information for the entire practice rather than for their particular location. We can create multiple locations for your practice so you can view each location separately.

      Send us an email detailing each location and their users so we can make these changes.
  • How do I add new users to my practice’s profile and change passwords or demographic information?

      Manage My Clinic is the central location within accessCHOA where you can request new users, change passwords and manage demographic information for users at your practice. Your practice’s site administrator can access Manage My Clinic by clicking on the utilities button on the application banner (upper right-hand side of the screen). Then they will select the request tab and the new user request button.