Alabama Family Thankful for Son's Health

By Fox 5 Atlanta

ATLANTA - A Birmingham, Alabama family traveled to Atlanta for their child's second liver transplant. The family also has a daughter who had her own transplant.

Eric and Jennifer Spadgenske said they're especially grateful after their 10-year-old son Sawyer got his second liver transplant.

"Everything has changed. He has energy again, he wants to eat again," said Jennifer Spadgenske.

Both Sawyer and his sister Lily were born with neonatal hemacromotosis. Both children got transplants when they were just days old.

"It's an illness of the liver that occurs while the baby is in the womb and causes damage to the liver," said Dr. Rene Romero, of the pediatric liver transplant program.

Sawyer started rejecting his liver and needed a second one.

"While you're waiting, you're praying for the miracle, trusting God through it. But to see the miracle unfold and see him getting better, it's amazing, just amazing," said Spadgenske.

That both of the Spadgenske children could be with their family and playing is a miracle to their parents.

"It's looking very good for him to go on and do extremely well and we're hoping this one will last him for the rest of his life," said Dr. Romero.

"I'm so thankful for the three donor families that saved our kids lives. Three families in their most grievous moments were able to say yes and save the lives of our family," said Spadgenske.

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