MykalMykal has a special rhythm in his heart—his new heart that is. Before he was born, a prenatal ultrasound showed a congenital heart defect. The day he was born, a team was waiting to take him to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

At just 2 days old, Mykal was diagnosed with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, a serious and potentially fatal condition. Two weeks later, he had his first open heart surgery—a BT shunt. But his little heart still needed help. He was placed on the national transplant waiting list. Every day for two months, his mom, Rhonda, was by his side.

She would softly sing in his ear so he knew she was there. Mykal had his heart transplant at 2 months old—a delicate surgery for such a tiny baby.

The specially trained Heart Transplant team at Children’s has proven success for pediatric heart transplants, even for infants as young as Mykal. The transplant saved his life, but he had a long road to recovery. Thanks to the team at Children’s and lots of love from his mom, Mykal has had minimal complications and only one episode of rejection.

Today, he is a healthy 9-year-old who likes video games and watching TV. Because his mom always sang to him, music is a big part of Mykal’s life. He proudly sings every Sunday in the church choir. And when asked if he wants to be a singer when he grows up, Mykal quickly says no. He wants to be a doctor.

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