Children’s has some of the shortest wait times in the country for pediatric liver transplant recipients.

What does this data mean?

The graph shows that patients at Children’s are transplanted faster and spend less time on the waitlist than the national average.

Why are wait times important?

Patients who spend less time waiting for a transplant most often have better outcomes because they are transplanted before they become very sick.

How does Children’s make sure we are giving high-quality care?

  • The liver transplant team monitors each child closely before a transplant to make sure it is the best time for the transplant.
  • Children’s can perform living-donor liver transplants. This increases the chances of getting a liver as soon as possible.

Source: Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients, Dec. 2014 (patients placed on the wait list between 07/01/2008 - 12/31/2013)