Living Donor Pediatric Liver Transplant

Children’s is among only a few centers in the country to offer this type of liver transplant for pediatric patients. In a living donor pediatric liver transplant, doctors take a lobe or part of the liver from a living person to replace your child’s unhealthy (diseased) liver.

  • The liver is made up of lobes and each lobe is divided into sections.
  • The right lobe makes up about 60 percent of the liver’s volume and the left lobe makes up about 40 percent.

During a living donor pediatric liver transplant, the pediatric-trained liver transplant doctor will decide which lobe your child will need.

  • During a living donor pediatric liver transplant, part of the left lobe is often removed for a transplant.
  • The Children’s Liver Transplant team decides on the amount of liver tissue to be removed from the donor during pediatric liver surgery.