Clinic Visits After a Liver Transplant

Follow-up clinic visits and lab tests are vital to your child’s care when he is well and ill. Even when your child is well, infection and rejection can occur. There are not always signs or complaints to show a problem. Every child is different. Talk to your child’s doctor so you can learn about the treatment plan and any problems that may arise. Blood work is the most certain tool a doctor can use.

The Children’s Liver Transplant team will follow your child closely after his liver transplant. During the first few months, your child will see your child’s liver transplant doctor and the pediatric liver transplant team each week. As your child’s health improves, your child’s visits will decrease.

  • The Children’s Liver Transplant Clinic is every Wednesday on the sixth floor at Children’s at Egleston. To schedule appointments, please call 404-785-1465 or 800-605-6175.
  • Please call the clinic as early as possible to schedule routine visits.
  • A review of your child’s medicines will be done with each visit. Bring all bottles of medicine your child takes to each visit.
  • Your child’s liver transplant coordinator will set up your first visit at the Children’s Liver Transplant Clinic. Each visit may include:
    • Seeing the pediatric liver transplant doctor, coordinator and liver transplant team
    • A check of your child’s vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate and breathing), energy level, appetite, weight and activities
    • A physical exam
    • Blood work

    This is also a great time for you to ask questions.