Children’s has some of the shortest wait times in the country for pediatric kidney transplant recipients.

What does this data mean?
The graph shows that patients at Children’s are transplanted faster and spend less time on the wait list than the national average.

Why are wait times important?
Patients who spend less time waiting for a transplant often have better outcomes because they are treated before they become very sick.

How does Children’s make sure we are giving high-quality care?

  • The kidney transplant team checks each child closely before a transplant to make sure it is the best time for the transplant.
  • In 2014, more than 40 percent of the kidney transplants at Children’s were from a living donor. With a living donor, the child does not have to be put on the national transplant waiting list, and the transplant can be done before he becomes very ill, which can lead to a quicker recovery.

Source: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, Dec. 2014. Candidates registered on the wait list between 07/01/2008 and 12/31/2013.