Pediatric Kidney Transplant Steps

The Children’s Kidney Transplant team will discuss each step with you, your child and your family.

Step 1
Your child’s doctor refers him to Children’s. Your child’s doctor must state your child’s medical need for a kidney transplant.

Step 2
Our financial counselors obtain financial approval for your child’s pre-transplant evaluation and for the kidney transplant.

Step 3
After completing financial approval, we will call you to schedule a pre-transplant evaluation date. A pre-transplant evaluation is a series of tests. These tests help the Children’s Kidney Transplant team decide if a kidney transplant is the best option for your child. The Children’s Kidney Transplant team will help you through this process.

Step 4
Your child has a pre-transplant evaluation at Children’s at Egleston. This is usually a one-day outpatient visit unless your child is in need of two organs.

Step 5
Based on the evaluation, the pediatric kidney transplant surgeon and team will decide if a kidney transplant is the best option for your child. Once approved by the team, these next steps occur:

  • Deceased donor kidney transplant  
    • If there is no suitable living donor and your child meets all of the standards from the pre-transplant evaluation, your child’s name is placed on the UNOS list.
    • This process can take one to two weeks. Once done, you will receive a pager.
  • Living donor kidney transplant
    • Notify the Children’s Kidney Transplant coordinator as soon as possible if there is a living donor volunteer. This is best done before your child’s kidney evaluation so that the donor can have blood work done during the evaluation process too. During the kidney evaluation, our staff can provide information about living donation.
    • Have the person who wants to be a living donor (especially if he is not related to your child) call the Children’s Kidney Transplant coordinator. The Children’s Kidney Transplant team will not make the first contact with a donor.
    • After financial approval is complete, the donor will be referred to the Emory Transplant Center. Emory’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant coordinator will contact the donor with a date for the evaluation.
    • If the donor is not accepted due to medical or other reasons, your child will be placed on the UNOS list.
    • If a second donor becomes available, the process starts over again at the beginning. Only one donor can be evaluated at a time.

Step 6
If the living donor is accepted, the donor’s surgery is scheduled at the Emory Transplant Center. Your child’s kidney transplant surgery will take place at Children’s at Egleston.

Step 7
Your child has his kidney transplant surgery. He will stay in the hospital for about seven to 10 days.

Step 8
Your child will receive follow-up care at Children’s at Egleston.