Finding a Living Donor

How do you ask someone to donate an organ?

Educate yourself: Learn more about living donation and paired donor exchange so you can explain what to expect, such as tests, processes and risks.

Share your child's story: Talk about his condition and why a transplant is his best option.

Tailor your approach: Consider the best approach given the person's personality and situation. Would a direct approach be best or would it be helpful for a third party to ask? Consider any issues the potential donor may face, such as child care needs.

Share stories: Show them success stories of families who experienced living donation and paired donor exchanges.

Spread the word: Do not be afraid to ask people you know, including your family and friends, to donate. Create fliers to post in public areas with your child's information and how his condition is affecting his life.

Remember, not everyone you speak to will volunteer to become a donor. Do not get discouraged. The important thing is to spread the word to as many people as you can.

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