Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant

There are several steps for a deceased donor kidney transplant. The Children’s Kidney Transplant team can answer your questions during the process.

Deceased Donor Transplant

Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant Steps

  1. Your child is placed on the UNOS waiting list to receive a deceased donor kidney.
  2. UNOS works with an agency to obtain organs and keep a national list of people waiting for kidney transplants. Your child will stay on the list until he receives a kidney.
  3. UNOS gives your child a Pediatric End Stage Kidney Disease (PEKD) score. It is based on a formula that looks at his age, length of time on the list and percent antibody.
  4. Your child is matched with a kidney based on the PEKD score and his blood type. Waiting for a deceased donor kidney can take time. If you have questions or concerns, please talk to the Children’s Kidney Transplant team.

NOTE: At the time of listing, your child or family receives a pager. Please check the battery each month. Ask our staff for instructions on how to use the pager.

About the Deceased Donor

Families often want to know the age of the donor and how the donor died. Information about the donor is confidential. Likewise, information about you and your family will not be given to the donor’s family. You may write a letter to the donor’s family. If you write a letter, the Children’s Kidney Transplant coordinator will send it to LifeLink of Georgia. They will then forward it to the donor family.